Why My iPhone 5s Won't Download or Update Apps?

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    Some iPhone 5s users reported they cannot download or update the apps from the App Store. If you have the same issue, you should check out 5 ways to fix iPhone 5s won’t download or update apps listed below, because we are sure that one of them will solve the problem.

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    5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5s Won’t Download Or Update Apps

    Solution No1: Set Date & Time To Automatic
    To do this, navigate to Settings > General > Date & Time, and set it to automatic. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

    Solution No.2: Close The Apps And Restart Your IPhone 5s
    When you cannot download and update apps on iPhone 5s¸this solution may fix the issue. To close the apps, click on the Home button two times, and the list of recently used apps will open. Choose the apps you want to close, and swipe up. When you close the apps, restart youriPhone 5s: press and hold the sleep/wake button, and drag the slider to power off. To turn it back on, press and hold the same button.

    Solution No.3: Sign Out From The App Store
    All5 ways to fix iPhone 5s won’t download or update apps are quite simple, and this solution is no exception. What you need to do is:

    § Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store

    § Tap on your Apple ID, and choose the Sign out option

    § Click on the App Store icon again

    § Select one of the apps on the Feature page

    § Download it

    § You’ll get a message with new terms of service

    § Click Accept.

    Solution No.4: Erase All Content And Settings
    First, backup your device to iCloud, and then:

    § Navigate to Settings > General > Reset

    § Click on Erase all Content and Settings

    § Click on it again to confirm the action.

    Solution No.5: Update IOS
    If you cannot download new apps on iPhone 5s,or if you can update them, this may solve the. To update iOS:

    § Connect your iPhone 5s to a power source and to a Wi-Fi network

    § Go to Settings > General and choose Software Update

    § Click on Download and Install.

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