Why My iPhone 5s Battery Draining Suddenly?

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    iPhone 5s is without a doubt an amazing phone, and it is one of the most popular Apple's products in general. If you noticed that your battery won’t last long, even when your phone is on standby, there are several things you can do to make it better. In this article, you can find 5 Ways to fix iPhone 5s battery draining suddenly. As soon as you perform some of these tricks, and turn off the things you do not actually use, the difference in the battery life will be noticeable instantly.

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    5 Ways to fix iPhone 5s battery draining suddenly

    Solution No.1: Power Cycle

    This is a very useful advice that can completely change the way your battery works. At least once a month, let your phone drain completely until it turns off. Charge the battery, and use your phone normally.

    Solution No.2: Turn off applications that are considered to be power hungry

    The apps running in the background are affecting your battery life. Make sure to turn the apps that are power hungry, because that way, you will be able to use your phone without being afraid it will drain after a few hours of usage. To do this, double click on the Home button. Simply hold the finger on the apps you want to turn off. For example, Skype, or Facebook are the apps that are considered as power hungry ones, and they have a huge impact on the battery life.

    Solution No.3: Turn Off Location Services

    If you don’t use Location Services, turn it off. Here is how:

    • Go to Settings
    • Choose Privacy
    • Tap on Location Services
    • Turn off the apps that don’t require your location.
    Solution No.4: Siri – Raise to Speak

    Go to Settings>General>Siri, and turn off Raise to Speak option.

    Solution No.5: Push Notifications

    Turn off the Push Notification for every app you don’t want to be notified about. Simply go to Settings, choose Notifications, and then find the apps you want. It is simple, but it can be very helpful when it comes to your battery life.

    If all these things don’t solve the issue, you may restart your device, or restore to factory settings. For most users, these 5 Ways to fix iPhone 5s battery draining suddenly improved the battery life.

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