Why My iPhone 4 / 5 / 6 Wi-Fi Greyed Out?

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    In some scenarios, one might experience some errors regarding the wifi on the iPhone 4/5/6 when you turn on the wifi. You might experience the following. In this guide, there are 5 ways to fix the issue with iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Wi-Fi greyed out an issue.

    The wifi option might appear as greyed out and not seem to respond. The problem might also be related to the thermal shock. The following problem-solving options will guide you so that you can fix the issue.

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    5 Ways To Fix IPhone 4/5/6 WIFI Greyed Out

    Solution No.1: Airplane mode

    The best place to start is by turning on the Airplane mode, then wait for a couple of seconds and turn it back off. To do that, Go to Settings and toggle the switch next to the Airplane mode.

    Solution No.2: Restart your iPhone

    Press and hold the sleep/wake button and then drag the slider "slide to power off" to turn your phone off. Press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn your iPhone back on.

    Solution No.3: Reset network settings

    If the previous solutions didn't fix the problem, the next thing you should try is to reset network settings. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset network settings.

    Solution No.4: Update iOS

    To upgrade your iPhone to the latest version of iOS, follow the steps below:

    • Connect your device to a power source
    • Next, connect to a Wi-Fi network
    • Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update
    • Tap Download and Install

    Solution No.5: Reset all settings

    Another thing you can do is to reset all settings. Your data won't be deleted and the phone's settings will reset to factory defaults.

    • Go to Settings
    • Tap General
    • Tap Reset
    • Tap Reset all settings

    What else?

    The solutions we have listed here, 5 ways to fix iPhone 4/5/6 WiFi greyed out were useful for many iPhone owners. If you didn't solve the issue yet, you can erase all content and settings and if that doesn't work, visit the Apple Store.

    Unlike the "Reset all settings" option, this will erase everything on your iPhone, which means that not only the settings will be restored to factory defaults, your data and apps will be deleted. Before you proceed, make sure to backup your data. Next, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and settings. Tap Erase iPhone. When this is completed, follow the steps to set up your iPhone as a new device.

    Source- iPhone won’t connect to wifi- more information
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    So updating the IOS is not a real option. You should think about deleting that one and rename the post to "4 ways ..." That step involves connecting to WiFi which you can't do if the option to turn on WiFi is Greyed Out. Oversight.

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