Why My BlackBerry Priv No SIM Card Error?

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    For those of you who prefer physical keyboards the latest flagship from BlackBerry, the Priv, was the obvious choice. It was one of the most awaited devices in 2015 because everyone wanted to see the first BlackBerry phone that will run on Google’s Android OS. With a classy design, slide-out keyboard and best of both worlds, BlackBerry, and Android, those who purchased it certainly enjoy the experience this device provides. The plus point is that users don’t have many issues with the Priv, but it doesn’t mean there are no issues at all. One of the problems is Blackberry Priv no SIM card error. If the same error bothers you and keeps popping up on your screen, see the solutions listed below.

    How to fix BlackBerry Priv no SIM card error

    See if your device is up to date

    The first thing you should do is to make sure that your BlackBerry Priv is up to date. To do that, go to Settings > About phone > System Updates and choose “Check for update” option. Install a new software version if it’s available.

    Clean the port and make sure the SIM card is not faulty

    When you get this kind of message on any smartphone including the Priv, it is advisable to clean the SIM card port because dirt and debris can cause the problem. First, you need to turn off your device. Hold the Power button and then click on Power off. Remove the SIM card and clean the port. You can also clean the SIM card with a pencil eraser. Once you remove the SIM card, put it in another device just to see if it’s working. If it’s not working, make sure to contact your carrier and ask for a SIM card replacement. In most cases, you will get a replacement for free.

    Network settings

    While BlackBerry Priv no SIM card error sounds like a hardware problem, it doesn’t mean that’s always the case. Try this: go to Apps from the Home screen > Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Preferred network type, and they’ve selected 4G LTE&4G/3G.

    Note: The reason for this problem can be a faulty tray that is a bit loose, and if that is the case, contact your carrier and ask for a replacement.

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    Basically - the one SIM card that doesn't work in there is the one that's been there for a while. I slot in other different cards, they work perfectly.

    In addition - plucked one sim out of a friends BlackBerry put it in my own BlackBerry and swapped mine into their phone, both worked. Swapped them both back & guess what? They both malfunctioned. Now we've got two dead sim phones that won't accept our SIM cards but hey, they're more than happy to take on other peoples phone lines. Unreal.

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