Why HTC Incredible S Does not receive SMS



I'm having some issue with my HTC Incredible S. I have the latest software update. My problem is that I'm receiving text messages too late. One of my friends send me a message at 21.00 then I get it at 21.20.
It seems I get my text messages very slow. I have tried many ways but didn't work.

Please help.


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HI, I think the main issue is that your software does not have an issue, but there is a problem with your network. The right thing to do is to talk to your Network service provider and may be they can check and your problem will resolve. I hope it works.


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Hi Everybody,

Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile networks > Network Mode.

It will be on GSM / WCDMA auto.

Change it to GSM only.

Hope it helps you. :)