Why are apps not moving to SD are on my LG Optimus F3?

Discussion in 'LG' started by Guest, Jun 22, 2014.

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    I recently purchased LG optimus F3, its a very nice phone but i have a limited memory on it so i need to transfer some of the apps on it to my SD Card, but it isn't happening, they say this'll happen after the phone memory is full. Why is it ?
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    Android had this feature but

    Android had this feature but now it has been disabled, it was till 4.0 where you could do this, but not anymore.
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    OK, but any reason why

    OK, but any reason why this happened, why did google remove this feature form the later android versions when it's a good feature, i am just asking ?
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    The reason is that as

    The reason is that as it is the app's data has already been divided into two partitions adding one more layer slows down the app, increases battery consumption by CPU, making it work harder to open apps, this is why google disabled this feature in its later updates.
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    It's not a Google issue

    It's not a Google issue or an Android version issue. It has to do with LG. I have a Android tablet running 4.2 and you can move apps to the SD card all day long.. I also have an Asus tablet running 4.2 and it incorporates the SD card into the memory it already has.
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    May 5, 2015
    This is exactly the reason why I'm switching my phone honestly. I can't stand this LG series right now. I try to download apps, but it says that my phone memory is full and it shuts down. The following disaster is that I cannot even move most of my apps to the SD card for some reason. The phone space is about 4GB and then my SD card is about 32GB, its really unfair. :( I don't understand why that is the case though.
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    May 5, 2015
    I have this same problem, in addition to a small list of other issues, with my LG Optimus L70 phone. I need an upgrade, also! I can't take this much longer! I would never have gotten this phone to begin with but my previous phone had been stolen...and Metro PCS (they suck, don't go with them) had NO selection of phones...in THREE different locations. So finally I just had to settle on this silly LG model chock full of issues because it was either that or go with an old school non-smart phone ...and that just isn't an option for us internet-addicted, facebook crazy me generation dorks.

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