Why Adsense No transactions For This Date Range ?

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    since recenlty at the end of the month one of my visitors told me that adsense is showing "adsense no transactions for this date range " for date specified march1-march 31..They have made money in that perspecive month but when they view finalized earnings tab they see no transactions even when he had made over 100usd$ above the adsense threshold.

    I told him the reason why he is seeing no transactions was because it was his first time crossing the 100$ threshold and google is taking time to review the account.Therfore it will take up to 1-2 days before you see your money for that month.

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    He did waited, and it happened that he received his money from adsense.If you are having the same problem all you need to do is have patience

    google will eventually release your money after the review of your account.It is nothing menacing .Just hold 1-3 days after final month ..
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    are you sure cuz they didn't paid me.

    Mar 1, 2016 - Mar 31, 2016 - No transactions

    and today is April 9. I wish they will pay me..

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