Which Screen Protector is good for Nexus 5


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Guys !
I'm purchasing a nexus 5 soon, and I want to recognize what glass protectors do you advocate?. I'll be purchasing the spigen slim armour case. I have been expecting at the glass tr, should I purchase that or how are the other stains?


I don't know about other brands, but I had spoken before. It did precisely what it was guessed to. Missed my mobile phone and stepped on it, but my mobile screen was unscathed. However, since then I haven't superseded it because blasting out 30 bucks per shoots protector is a little.


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Ooh, I Recommend the Nillkin Glass protector is best for mobile phone. There are also many more protector, Uppercase bounty tempered glass screen protector is best I ever bought. It is the best choice. Try this, hope you should like. :)


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Screen protectors are largely unnecessary for smartphones with Gorilla Glass. You're not going to protect the device during a fall, and they can get in the way of your touches. Plus, most screen protector manufacturers create very similar products, whether you pay a dollar or $20. They might offer peace of mind, but their functional use is relatively lacking.
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