Which One Is Best Antivirus (Android)

Discussion in 'Moto' started by Guest, Nov 8, 2014.

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    Do you guys use an antivirus program on your Andorid device ( phone / tablet ) ... if yes, which one do you recommed?
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    I use Avast ... is

    I use Avast ... is best one and I recommend it if you are interested in installing an antivirus.
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    Bitdefender. Does cloud scanning ,

    Bitdefender. Does cloud scanning , so it won't affect the performance.
    I tested the demo to see if it will detect android viruses and it did + deleted. I recommend it.
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    I am still looking for

    I am still looking for
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    I think that AVG is a great anti-virus for the android smartphones according to my experience. It has detected quite a few things but there could be better on the market, you just have to research on the actual Google Store and there could be really good free ones, and ones that you pay for which are even better.

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