What Microsoft Could Do To Better The Lumia Brand


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Obviously, the number one answer is releasing a flagship, the first one for Windows Phone OS, which doesn't make sense considering that should have happened years ago. Anyways, I think Microsoft should do the following to up the ante with its Lumia smartphones:

* Release at least two flagship devices, one large and one small:

This gives the company something it desperately needs, and that's a lineup of flagship devices to draw away Android and iOS users.

* Move into the midrange segment more so than the budget market.

Microsoft has seen great success in the budget handset, but it needs to move into the midrange market to actually start taking some market share away from its competitors. The budget market looks so enticing because of sheer volume of sales, but the profit margins are slim, and there's a definite ceiling to actually growing Windows Phone OS.

* Dump Qualcomm and Go To Intel

Most Lumia devices feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 or 400 processor, which gets the job done, but they're nothing special, and Qualcomm charges a premium for its processors. By switching to Intel's processors, Microsoft might lose a little performance, but the company would likely realize some cost savings in the long run.

There are plenty of other things Microsoft could do to improve the Lumia brand. What do you think?