What is your favourite Samsung Galaxy s5 Apps?

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    What is your favourite Samsung Galaxy s5 Apps for 2014 ?

    Mine is the
    1 GALAXY S5 Experience
    2 GALAXY S5 Einführung
    These are rich and artificial apps that tend to improve the reliability and infrastructure of the S5
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    I am more like the

    I am more like the health and fitness type of girl. i love my health and i take it very seriously, therefore Health and Fitness apps for My Samsung galaxy S5 is all i use. these are the one's i use and i believe they are the best i saw:

    1 The heart rate monitor for s5
    2 Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal
    3 Instant Heart Rate for S5
    4 My Diet Coach - Weight Loss

    I got some pretty nice apps from technobezz here http://www.technobezz.com/best-free-android-app-personal-trainers-2014/
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    We want to keep the

    We want to keep the Samsung Galaxy S5 launcher app completely free & thus contain ads in the notification tray, Banner Add and or home screen

    these are my favorite Samsung Galaxy s5 Apps

    1. Enhanced Camera
    2. Fingerprint Scanner
    3. Ultra Power Saving Mode
    4. Kids Mode
    5. Built-In Heart Rate Monitor
    6.Samsung Galaxy S5 wallpapers theme
    7.availability to save/share the wallpapers
    8. Select your preferred background Samsung Galaxy S5 image
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    My fitness pal! omg I love that. I also have the bible. Also, exp game! free items for my mobile games hihi
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    Hmmm.. let see, i have:

    Enchance Camera
    Ultra power saving mode
    Samsung s5 wallpapers
    Heart Rate Monitor

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