What Is Webcache.Googleusercontent. And Should You Enable It?

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    According to Alexa googleusercontent.com is the 52nd most visited site in the world. Most people are skeptical, whether googleusercontent.com is from Google property or a malware

    Earlier today, I saw webcache.googleusercontent.com needs to be authorized . I Figured out that it’s a Cache link URL that Google uses instead of an IP Address to display previous cache content of your website.

    Is web cache.googleusercontent. It safe or not? … if you click on web cache.googleuserconten it will redirect you to Google search engine because the sub-domains web cache has the same IP address as Google.com -

    This Url is no harm. It will only store the cache content of your website including the ads from a later date,

    For example.If someone is browsing your cache website and they click on the ads on your site , you will get credited for it. However, if you don’t authorize webcache.googleuserconten then you will miss revenue there.

    If you are a person who flushes or clear your website cache regularly then there is no need to enable this Url.
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