Vibration Not Working On iPhone 4!

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    Every once in a while, Apple launches new iPhone, but for many iPhone 4 is still one of the favorites. Maybe it’s not big as the iPhone 6 Plus, but there are many people who actually like smaller phones. The iPhone 4 unquestionably is a great device, but sometimes, you may experience some issues with it. In case the vibration on your iPhone 4 is not working, we will give you some suggestions you can try, and maybe you’ll solve the problem on your own. Here are 5 ways to fix vibration not working on iPhone 4.

    5 ways to fix vibration not working on iPhone 4

    Solution No.4: Restart your iPhone 4

    To restart your iPhone 4, simply press and hold a lock button for a couple of seconds. This simple step ay help many times, especially with issues like this one is.

    Solution No.2: Change the ringtone

    This simple solution worked for many, so make sure to try it yourself. All you need to do is change the current ringtone. Go to Settings, Sounds, Ringtone, and choose the new ringtone.

    Solution No.3: Tap the phone with three fingers

    You know those strange things you do, and then the phone works just fine? This is one of them. Simply tap your phone with three fingers a couple of times.

    Solution No.4: Update iOS

    In most cases, the reason why you are experiencing the bugs on your iPhone 4 may be because you did not upgrade your device. Once you do that, the bug may disappear, and most likely vibration will work just fine

    Solution No.5: Erase all content and settings

    This can help as well, but before you start, backup your files. Go to Settings, General, Reset, and choose Erase all Content and Settings.

    Many people solved the problem with these 5 ways to fix vibration not working on iPhone 4, which is why you should try them as well.

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