Unroot Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599)-Fixed Not Registered On Network

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    I got a question from my loyal visitor:

    I have this problem on my Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) after rooting. I
    unrooted still had the message. I rooted again and got Xposed Installer

    plus another program, which changed my Device Status back to Official, but
    I still do not have network access, please help. Also, I am using Metro Service

    In Response to his question, I’ll like to give a tutorial on how to Unroot Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) and FixedNot Registered On Network. Keep in mind that if you have a TMo Exhibit II 4g orSamsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 it will most likely work.

    If you’re getting not registered on network error with the Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599 after you have rooted yourdevice then what you need to do is unroot it the right way, then updates it. Please Follow the Steps on how tounroot the Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599)/ SGH-T679 the Proper way


    Unroot Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599)-Fixed NotRegistered On Network
    Table Of Contents [hide]

    Method 1
    [box style=“1”]

    If you are planning on flashing your phone back to stock, you won’t have root anymore. Please Proceed toMethod 2 if you want stock room to remain


    We will assume that Your Phone is rooted. Now you are going to unroot your Galaxy Exhibit by Flashing Backto original Stock

    In this method, we’ll be re-flashing Galaxy Exhibit Stock-ROM.

    Things You Will Need
    1. Samsung Original Cable USB Cable
    2. Odin V4.43(Here)
    3. AriesVE. OPS(Here)
    4. Samsung Drivers (Download KIES)
    When you have all those files ready. Navigate to System task manager -ctrl+alt+del” if you are using windows

    >Search for these in process tab






    >Next, Find your device ROM, WHICH IS Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) .You can go to Xda-developers todownload your Android ROM- http://samfirmware.com/ to download your firmware ROM. Register anddownload the appropriate ROM.

    Q: How to check my firmware version?

    A: If download asked for password then use either—samfirmware.com

    >If you have your Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) Rom now proceed.

    >Open loading and run as administrator

    >Select “One Package” option in Odin .On the line that popped up OPS you have to put AriesVE.ops whichyou have just downloaded . Browse and insert.The bottom of Odin you’ll see “One package” retrieve the ROMyou just downloaded or you have for your Device.

    > Turn off your Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599 and put it in download mode ( Volume Down + Home + Power)Don’t be frightened , in the top corner you will see a yellow square with COMM(3).

    >Press Start, this will take a little time, have patience. After, your phone will reboot in recovery mode and yourTMo Exhibit II 4g or Samsung Exhibit II 4G SGH-T679 stock will be at normal.

    If are planning on flashing your phone back to stock, you won’t have root anymore.

    Unroot Samsung Galaxy And Keep StockRom- FixesNot Registered On Network
    Method 2

    > Download This file, Unroot Samsung Galaxy

    >Put the file you just download on your Internal SD NOT YOUR EXTERNAL SD

    >Navigate on You Galaxy Phone, with volume up and down to “Apply Update from SDcard”

    >When you have select apply update, press your home button and scroll to Unroot-I9001-signed.zip

    >Press Home button again, then press“Yes.”After, Press home button again

    >Your Samsung Galaxy will keep its stock room and your phone will be at its default stage.

    Final Step -Fix Not Registered On Network GalaxyExhibit
    >After your Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T599) is unroot and back to normal

    Place Your SIM Card In Phone

    >Navigate to Settings of your Phone

    >Scroll Down To the Extreme bottom

    >Select Software Update

    >Wait For It to reboot and Completed Update


    I am not responsible for any bricked phones.

    Credit to MR J raider from xda-developer.com for download link and update

    incoming search –Samsung galaxy exhibit 4g back to stock
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