Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped Error !

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    Like Facebook and WhatsApp, Instagram is another popular app and now this photo sharing app is getting popular wildly. The reason behind the growing popularity of this app is that you can take photos using your phone camera or you can also use the existing photos of camera roll and make the photos fun with adding titles, filters, and other things, then share. You can not only share the photos on Instagram but also on different other social networking sites like Tumblr, Twitter, Flicker, Facebook and Posterous. You can make even some boring and dull photos interesting using the filters of Instagram before sharing them.

    However, with the growing popularity of Instagram people are also facing issue with it. Sometimes it shows Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped error.

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    Possible solutions for unfortunately Instagram has stopped error

    Restart your phone

    When you face unfortunately Instagram has stopped error, the first step is to restart your phone and open Instagram again. Now see if the problem exists.

    Clear data and Cache

    If the same issue “unfortunately Instagram has stopped” occurs again, then you need to clear the cache of the app:

    • Go to Settings
    • Application Manager
    • All tab
    • Find Instagram app and select it
    • Select clear data/Clear cache > Force stop and then you need come back to the Home screen.

    Update Instagram

    Make sure that you have the latest version of Instagram installed on your device. Just open the Google Play, tap on three horizontal lines to open the menu. Tap My apps & games and see if there is an update for Instagram. Tap on it to install.

    Reinstall Instagram app

    After clearing the data and cache of the Instagram app and updating the app, if the "Unfortunately Instagram has stopped" error occurs again, then you need to uninstall the app. For that go to:

    • Settings
    • Application Manager
    • All tab
    • Find Instagram and Uninstall.
    Now restart your phone. Go to App store or Google Play store and download Instagram again. After you have installed it on your phone, do not open any apps for 3-4 minutes. Now launch the app, it should now work fine.

    Source -apps-freezing-crashing-android - more information
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  3. ibrahim

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    I have tried everything that I could find over the internet..
    nothing seems to work with me ! when I open my instagram it works for
    seconds then it gives me that error.. but if I login with another instagram account
    in my phone it works fine ! and that worries me !

    please do you have any idea about this issue?
    I have sent a report feedback to instagram couple of times but
    I got nothing ! please help me ! I need my instagram back
  4. Saru

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    Did u find solution??
    Same thing happening to me too

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