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    Sometimes it may happen that you are trying to open Facebook on your android device and it is showing Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped error. If you get an error like this, it is something you can easily solve. This error can show up when using other apps, not just Facebook.

    Here, I will discuss few methods to fix this Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped error.

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    Updated -By fixing the Google play store authentication error, you can solve the Facebook issue.

    Steps to fix Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped

    Method 1

    First, we will start with clearing the cache and data of the Facebook app. For that follow the steps:

    • Tap Settings on your phone
    • Touch on More tab
    • Go to Application Manager
    • Swipe the screen and find All apps.
    • To find the Facebook app, scroll the screen down.
    • Touch on Facebook app, tap Clear Cache and Clear data buttons.
    • It will bring back the app to its initial state.
    • Now try to open Facebook and see if the Unfortunately Facebook Has Stopped error occurs.

    Method 2

    The next thing you should do is update the app in case you don't have the latest version. To do that, open Google Play, tap on three horizontal lines to open the menu and then tap on My apps. Find Facebook, and if there is an option "Update", tap on it and update the app.

    Method 3

    If clearing the cache and data does not fix the issue, uninstall the app. Then go to Google Play store and install the Facebook app again.

    Method 4

    After clearing the cache and data, if your phone has a custom recovery, Clockworkmod, then navigate to recovery and wipe out cache and Dalvik cache. Then the phone needs to be rebooted and launch the Facebook app. If the phone is not rooted, then turn it off. Now press the Volume Down and Power buttons together and hold them. Do not release the buttons until an Android robot symbol comes on the screen. Now try to wipe the cache of the app.

    Sometimes because of the unavailability of RAM, this type of error comes. So try to control multi-tasking and close the apps that you are not using.

    Source -apps-freezing-crashing-android - more information
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