This is why you should not buy a Blackberry Z10

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    Blackberry is tend to be a popular phone , especially amongst the Indonesians. Millions of People are using a Blackberry Handset there. Anyways, that doesn't give you the right to go buy one. <strong>This is why you should not by a Blackberry Z10</strong> :

    <strong>1</strong>, The App store is completely Empty. Yes Empty!. There are a lot of apps that are not compatible with Blackberry z10
    Some of the most popular apps like:instagram,viber,magicjack etc and it continues.

    <strong>2</strong> More App Developers are gravitating towards Android and IPhone. There is a ratio to 20/5 Android developers to Blackberry developers. It is no secret. in the near future(Google Is the future) you will have many more popular Websites and Online community and developers will only create Application on Mobile phone that they see a potential benefit of.And Blackberry is not, they will not waste time, money and energy to create an application,<strong> <em>(coded it-Java script,C++ ETC</em>., maintain it, Update it, Support it, Spend money) </strong> .This is a lot of work to be done, developers choose wisely when publishing their app on Mobile platform.

    <strong>3</strong> What is the Surprise?
    What is on blackberry that doesn't on the android or apple?, moreover the Blackberry messenger is now cross compatible and can use among Apple and Android devices

    This is my personal feedback , don't be going arguing me of my own opinion now
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    We thought it was time

    We thought it was time to see how well the Apple iPhone 5 would stand up to a comparison with the BlackBerry Z10. Our findings may not totally surprise but will the old war-horse hold off the new contender !

    There was a time when Blackberry (formerly RIM) all but had the smartphone market to themselves, but in the last few years they’ve been having a hard time. Apple burst on to the scene, closely followed by Android and then Windows Phone, all of them bringing fresh ideas and a desire for dominance which quickly ate into Blackberry’s market share and left them by the wayside.

    Blackberry hasn't given up though and the Blackberry Z10 is testament to that. It’s almost certainly their best phone yet, running a brand new operating system&nbsp;(Blackberry 10) and setting its sights on both business and leisure users.

    It’s undoubtedly a good handset, but we’re pitting it against the iPhone 5 – the most popular smartphone on the planet, so it’s going to take a lot for Blackberry to take the win. Have they done enough not just to become relevant again but to topple a giant? Read on to find out.
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    Hi steven,

    i had purchased this

    Hi steven,

    i had purchased this only 15,000/ everything is awesome but the battery is 1800 mah, i think this should be upto 2500 mah and double sim.The typing on blackberry keyboard us fastest as compared to others. The key spacing and word suggestions popping on keypad makes its so easy ti type. 3 cell reception is stronger in blackberry. I get one or two bars extra on blackberry than other smartphones with same carrier. 4 security software in blackberry works superb well and keep ur business safe. 5 my personal view on usability, using BlackBerry in hands is like the phone wants u to use it so wel placed in hands and just one month mobile its over heating warm can i do plz give me a suggestion...

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    I'd like to share something

    I'd like to share something Stephen

    A lot of people in the corporate world, threw dimes out of their pockets
    for this phone, thinking that it is a Status symbol, and they don't know
    how to set an alarm on their phones, it's absolutely hilarious to see people buying things that they don't want to, to impress others and then later seeing
    them crying over the same thing.

    It is absoultely sucky when it comes to apps in the bb market, moreover
    their average price per model is too much, they're too demanding.

    It's good they built up a brand to come out as a status symbol to people
    but now people don't want to buy those phones for half the price :)
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