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Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy' started by oldman47, Mar 28, 2015.

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    Mar 24, 2015
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    When I read that I jumped for joy, what do you think? Soon we will have more ways to use our beloved smartphones! It got me thinking though…

    Let’s say you’re at work and your phone vibrates, do you do any of the following?
    1) Ignore it completely, you are not paid to chat after all.
    2) Have a sneaky look and then continue working.
    3) Shift your attention to the phone and ignore your work environment.

    I would guess that everyone falls into one of those categories but it really depends on what type of job you have, doesn’t it? Phones have so much information going through them these days that it’s hard to not look at it. The messages might even be work related, who knows.

    While management and bosses can go around being worried that people use their smartphones to much I applaud Googles approach to introduce more work-related applications and uses.

    If we’re following the old school train of thought; work stays at work and personal life stays at home. What if you get an important work email in the evening, do you read it? Most people do, they might not respond to it or take action until the following work day but they still read it and come prepared to work. Why doesn’t this line of thinking go the other way? In my opinion we should be able to check our social things and then get back to work, they might be important.

    What do you say people, would you get distracted by all the social noise if there were more smartphones and tablets at work?
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