Strange values at battery charging



I have some problems with my Nexus 4 battery values every time i charge it. How this can be possible ?
Last day i had 70% of battery and i plug it to the charger. After 3 hours i saw the battery with 90% charge value! I thought it`s... fine, nothing wrong. I rebooted the phone and after that i had 73% of battery.
It`s important to say that I had stock rom with franco kernel updater.
Now i have strange Android with the same kernel.
Ideas ?
Thx !


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My brother had that kind of problems with his phone. You should charge full then use until it shuts down. After that,charge again fully, at 100% reboot phone and connect to charge again. Good luck !


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I had the same issue with my nexus 4. If you rely on USB charging a lot or you`ve changed your display... your should try to get another battery . i`ve done this thing and it was fine after, no strange battery values