Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Charges Really Slow

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy' started by Guest, Jun 2, 2014.

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    My S3 from Sprint recently started to charge very slow, overnight it only got to 86% charge. It was fine before the only thing that happened before it got like that was that it got really hot while I was out with family but I figured it was just because I was using it a lot. It had gotten hot before so that's why I didn't pay much attention to it. I took out the battery and I restarted my phone a couple times I also tried using a different charger and a different outlet but it's still the same. Now I'm wondering if I need a new battery or what can I do?
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    Hey Maggie

    Well, I think that

    Hey Maggie

    Well, I think that this may be a problem that you can resolve by purchasing a new battery. It depends on how old your phone is and a lot of other things.

    A typical lithium battery's has certain life and slows down in terms of performance with the number cycles in which it is charged. Every time you plug or unplug your charger with the phone that makes one cycle, the battery performance goes down to 80% after 500 cycles.

    Moreover overheating of the phone contributes even more rapidly towards the deterioration of the battery, making its capacity to hold charge drop down a lot. I can tell you if your phone heats up a lot, your battery is crying everyday and we all deal with it bluntly.

    What should you pay heed to:
    1. When you unplug and plug your charger make sure your phone has a very low battery level, and you unplug as soon as it's fully charged, if your phone is attached to the charger for very long periods it will heat up and cause damage to your battery you plug it for 1 hr or 10 mins you will consume one cycle so make sure every cycle counts.

    2. Make sure your phone isn't running a lot of unnecessary functions, the more it runs the more it consumes the more it heats the more it damages your battery.

    Depending on what you've written, you need a new battery and this time take care of it, BECAUSE a phone running on a damaged battery is also sure to loose on its performance

    You can also read this article here, and see if you can put it into use and help yourself:- this is the one .
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