Sony Xperia Z4


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That's a good-looking smartphone, though I wish it had 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB, and a few other changes would have made sense. It's still going to be a powerful device when it hits international markets, and the design cues from Sony are nearly unbeatable. I can't believe that Sony isn't one of the top smartphone manufacturers today by sales numbers because the devices are the definition of premium in design, hardware, and software.


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It is amazing how technology has improved and also, what companies can do now and the specs are alright and a few changes could of been changed but it looks good in it's current state. In the overseas market should sell well like in China, India as these sort of countries have students who may use it and benefit as well when doing their schoolwork or texting friends or family. It will boost the sales and maybe the economy will be improved as well and do well for the country it sells well in and hope it works out for the International market.


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When you think about how much the technology improved in the last 10 years it's almost scary considering the fact that we didn't even dreamed of having PCs with the specifications the phones have now.