Sony Xperia C4


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Sooner rather than later, Sony will release the Xperia C4, whose main feature is LED flash on a powerful front-facing camera. It's somewhat similar to the HTC Eye, and it's going to be priced under $500. What are your thoughts on the device? I like the color added into the device with multiple case colors, but I'm otherwise not interested in this one.


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I reckon it looks great and, the camera looks nice and also lightweight as well and a phone I may get maybe in a few months time and will be good to play games or use for texting and calling and being lightweight and touchscreen will be easy to use as well. It will be interesting to see if it can last a whole day without having to charge the phone halfway in the day when watching a video or playing a game as most phones use battery power that way easily. I reckon if it is under $500 it will be good and should sell enough to make the company profit and also if it is marketed properly than this phone will sell in the places that it is doing good business in.