Sony: The Beautiful Phone Company

Discussion in 'Sony' started by teamxxlp, May 2, 2015.

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    I tend to credit HTC with having the best designed flagship phones. However, Sony isn't far behind HTC, and the majority of the company's phones from midrange to premium have great designs. They're very simple but nice looking, and that's actually hard to come by with smartphone manufacturers today. Sony's main issue is marketing and advertising, but it's smartphones look fantastic.
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    I think it ultimately comes down to personal preference. For instance: the LG back buttons are not that great for me, but I know some people that like them. I mean I've heard people complaining that some devices are too thin and that they wouldn't mind a thicker device if it had a better battery, which is something I kind of agree with. On the other hand, some people just want thinner devices.

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