Slow Charging And Battery Drain Sprint Epic 4G!

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    Every device is bound to face an issue or two (if not more) during its course of use by the user. One such issue which happens to surface amongst cellular device users a lot is the issue of slow charging. This implies that for the device to recharge a drained battery it takes close to infinity. Another similar and co-related issue is that of a rapid battery drain. Users could spend close to 6 hours charging their device and find themselves staring at a 2% charge within 4 hours or so. Here are fixes for this issue if faced by users of the Samsung Sprint Epic 4G:

    5 Ways To Fix Slow Charging And Battery Drain Sprint Epic 4G
    5 Ways To Fix Slow Charging And Battery Drain Sprint Epic 4G
    • Uninstall unnecessary applications
    Most users have their devices clogged with a plethora of apps out of which they use only a handful or half a dozen or so. The new OS of Sprint actually allows for users to remove bloatware such as Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and so on. Make sure to keep the apps you absolutely cannot live without. If faced with a situation where you did not what the item being removed is, keep it. It is safer that way.

    • Check Your Battery Status
    Checking your battery status can be done through navigation from the Menu to Settings and from there to Battery. The display screen will give you a brief view of what items are using up your battery. The main use for the battery usually goes to the screen display and the remaining percentage battery is divided amongst any number of apps currently in use.

    5 Ways To Fix Slow Charging And Battery Drain Sprint Epic 4G
    • Reduce the screen’s brightness
    As the majority of the battery’s usage is dedicated to the screen, it is a wise option to reduce its brightness. Keep it at 20% or 30% or at any level with which you can maintain smooth and easy functioning and not drain your battery.

    • Factory reset your device
    A highly undermined act, this one needs to be done a couple of times during the entire lifetime of your device. Perhaps once or twice every year or so, it enables you to start afresh and hence move out all the stagnant trash lying in your OS.

    • Turn off auto-sync and auto-updates
    Some apps like G+ have the auto-sync and auto-updates features switched on. Turning those off will save you an immense amount of battery drain and hence allow your battery to last longer.

    5 Ways To Fix Slow Charging And Battery Drain Sprint Epic 4G
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