Slow Camera Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5

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    To define Samsung Galaxy S5 the only word that comes in mind is evolution. The camera of this phone gives clearer and faster snaps. The fitness tracking abilities have also been enhanced over the Galaxy S4 by packing a more powerful S Health app. Also a heart-rate monitor on the rear has been packed with this smart phone. The screen is bigger and brighter, and the battery is larger. All together, it is an excellent smart phone and the water resistance feature attracts many users to buy it.

    But many major bugs have been found on many important functionalities of Galaxy S5. Among them, slow camera problem on Samsung Galaxy S5 is the one that many of its users are facing.

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    Solution for Slow Camera Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5
    Slow Camera Problem On Samsung Galaxy S5
    The camera app of Samsung galaxy S5 delivers clearer and brighter images. The picture Stabilisation function helps to capture images in low light and makes the images clearer and brighter without the use of flash.

    But users are facing problem while trying to start the camera app. they are facing slow camera problem on Samsung Galaxy S5. Picture Stabilisation feature is the main culprit for that. It slows the camera's performance on Galaxy S5. So the only solution is to turn this feature off. If you capture images in well-lit environment, then there is no need to use camera mode. So open the camera app, then go to the gear icon at the bottom or top left, and then select the box at the top row. Make sure that you have deactivated the Picture Stabilisation feature to increase the speed of the camera application.

    By deactivating the Picture Stabilisation feature, the slow camera problem on Samsung Galaxy S5 will be solved easily.
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