Samsung galaxy went died



Hi my samsung galaxy stopped working I changed batterie and a few weeks later,it just would not charge or switch on, I am using a blackberry old phone but I lost all my phone numbers and emails,was going to buy a new charger and battery ,any help please


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How did your samsung galaxy

How did your samsung galaxy just stopped working all of a sudden,?

Try and get an Original Samsung Charger, or try and charge it with the USB.

When it comes on do a master reset , factor data reset.

please read here for more info
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Hi there Stephen,

I understand its

Hi there Stephen,

I understand its pretty frustrating to loose all your contacts
Here's what I'd suggest you to do
Borrow an external battery charger, charge your battery and put it back in
your mobile.

If it turns on back up all the data you have and rush to the nearest repairing store because the charging IC has damaged probably, it needs to be repaired. If it doesn't let me know what else have you done uptil now, and i'll be able to help you better.
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I think this phone type might simply be a lemon. Maybe, you should try asking others, those who were in your phone book for their number again.


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Hmm, well, given its age, I'd say that this is most certainly an issue with the degradation of certain components inside of it. I'd say that it's either time to upgrade to a better phone, or that you should go visit a specialist, who might help you repair it, but it'll most likely cost you a lot for spare parts.