Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked-Full Specs Including Pictures

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    I know, the Samsung galaxy S5 just came out, and you might be thinking it is a little too early for the brand new and innovative Samsung Galaxy S6 to be announced.However, our team here at technobezz worked on a truly mind blowing Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept .We were able to create vivid Images, detailed specifications and video of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked .

    NB:The Original Designer for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is Jermaine Smit .He is a Chief Editor and Designer at Technobezz


    The innovation of the Galaxy S series over the past few years has really impacted an a brighter future in the technological aspect of life and so will the Samsung Galaxy S6 create a enriching path .

    While the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the most anticipated phone of 2014, it still left some ideal specs that has drastically crafted the way how we use our smart phones.This includes: 16MP with an all-new Samsung-made sensor,5.1”, FULL HD 1080P RESOLUTION, 432 PIXEL DISPLAY, SUPER AMLOED SCREEN,FINGERPRINT SCANNER,S HEALTH and the one and only ANDROID 4.4 WITH TOUCH WIZ.

    With this been said, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Concepts and idea's are quite distinctive form the newly created S5.The Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked pictures, videos and specifications which are found below are solely for technobezz use and modification.

    Features of The Samsung Galaxy S6(Leaked)

    1 ,2 Pill 2.0 Speakers at the Front -Supporting Qualcomm open DSP

    2, Built In Solar Panel Above Pill 2.0 Speaker - 12 volt inverters (charge it with a 30-watt solar panel under ideal summer time light conditions)

    Below are the Specification of Samsung Galaxy S6 leaked Concept and design.Pictures of the S6 is also found below with a bonus video.

    Specification Of Samsung Galaxy S6(Leaked)

    1 5.2-inch display 2k

    2 32/64 Memory

    3 4Gb ram DDR3

    4 64bit exynos S processor 4 running at 2,7Ghz and 4 with 2,3Ghz

    5 Snapdragon version is Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 2,9Ghz quad-core processor (Adreno 510 GPU) (64 bit also)

    6 20 Mega pixel Isocell

    7, 5 mega pixel front-facing camera

    8 Metal fronts and sides, back crafted with Polycarbonate

    9 On the front a small Solar panel packed with 12 volts inverters

    10 2 front facing speakers of JBL

    11 3000 mAh Removable battery

    12 154 x 73 x 7.9 mm 158 gram

    Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked Pictures
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    Samsung Galaxy S6 Leaked Video
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