Samsung Galaxy S6 Battery Drain


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Hello people,

I am facing a problem where my Galaxy S6 battery has been drained out just by sitting idle / on standby. I am checking the battery usage and I can't find anything unusual.

The Galaxy S6 is brand new so there are only two possibilities for the battery drain: either a factory defect, or , a design issue.

Can anyone who owns the Samsung Galaxy S6 confirm this is not happening to me only?


If you turn on your WIFI, it kinda kills the battery. I found out this the hard way, and I assume it is something related to the Android version.


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If you turn on your WIFI, it kinda kills the battery. I found out this the hard way, and I assume it is something related to the Android version.
What you see in the attached image, is my Galaxy S6 battery drain with WIFI turned off. So other must be the cause?


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I have read somewhere that if you turn off Volte it will help the Galaxy S6 battery drain.
This is why 2015 is ridiculous. You pay a $700 dollars for a "smartphone" and you end up turning off all the smart features just to make the battery last a couple of hours.


This appears to be just a software bug cause I have found a workaround. You just need to close WIFI completely, then charge the phone to 100% battery and simply restart it. The battery drain on Samsung Galaxy S6 is caused by the WIFI.


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The same happened for me, I am getting inconsistent battery drain on my Samsung Galaxy S6.


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Every new release has some issues. Give it a little time :)

Samsung Galaxy S6 battery drain will be fixed or addressed as soon as possible as this is a fairly known issue.


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Here are some tips on how to get faster charging rate on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Fast charging

1 Use the Samsung galaxy S6 original charger :
If you use unrecognized charger to charge your Samsung galaxy s6, sometimes the touch screen will become unresponsive. If this happens, unplug the charger,then remove the battery for 5 mins.

2 Do not charge your Galaxy S6 by the computer. :A typical USB ports only supply 500 ma, while the dual wireless charging on the Galaxy S6 is blazing fast. Perhaps,

3 re-calibrating Your galaxy S6 :You should not allow your Galaxy S6 battery to die completely or even get extremely low each time you use it. Performing regular charge-up will extend your battery’s life.If overheated or overcharged, Li-ion batteries may suffer thermal runaway and cell rupture.

How to Re-calibrating your Galaxy S6 Battery?

Manufactures normally recommends calibrating every 2-3 months to , this is completely draining the battery of the Galaxy S6
Remove the Battery from your Android

  1. Plug in original charger into your Galaxy S6 VIA Power Supply .
  2. Leave it there plugged in for 30 Mins.
  3. Let it charge to 100%
  4. When the battery is fully charged. Remove the charger
  5. Let your S6 drains to 0%(Discharge) ( Do intensive CPU usage tasks, Playing games, streaming videos etc.)
  6. Repeat these step twice.
  7. The battery will subsequently receives it’s charging cycle.
  8. By performing this every 3 times in per 6 months will keep your battery in good standing

Some Other Tips for Faster charging on the Galaxy S6
  • Close all apps that you are not using at the moment
  • Turn off WIFI and GPS, All location services
  • Turn the phone off while charging
Make good use of System dump to fix Galaxy S6 battery draining fast issue

>Open Up Dialer

>Dial *#9900#

>Scroll down and Click “Low Battery Dump”

>Tap to Turn On

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It has been well known that leaving your wifi on or on search mode drains the battery considerably. You think that when you spend a lot of money on a product like this that you would have the benefits of leaving that feature on all the time. But this is a common problem with smartphone of the past.


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Make sure anything you don't need to use at that moment is turned off. Example: Bluetooth, Wifi. These two alone will drain your batter even if your not using the phone. I personally think the battery life is much better than any other model they have had.


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I hate it when, the battery drains and sometimes just leaving it on for the whole day and not using it, drains it too which is interesting and have noticed watching videos or playing games can take a bit of battery life out of the mobile. I think it should, be able to cope with doing things like surfing the web or playing games and spending a bit to buy it and this occurs can be annoying as well. I have found turning off the Wifi does help and makes it last longer, which is a good thing and also help out and make it better to use the phone.


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This is a problem with Android 5.0 or perhaps TouchWhiz. I'm sure Samsung will address the battery drain issue in a software update. What android version does the Galaxy S6 run under? (5.0? 5.0.1? 5.0.2?) I'm fairly certain Samsung is aware of this issue and is working on a fix. :)


This is the usual problem in all the Samsung phones that I've had to be honest. I'm not a fan of their battery life. The company should do something about it. Even when I only use it for calling and texting, it's still easily drained!


The solution is "simple". I had the same problem with battery drain in idle mode. I left it in standby at 11PM with 85% and woke it up at 8AM with 40%, no wireless or data connection active. The solution, for me, was flashing another's country firmware (for me, default is Romania). I flashed France firmware and now i have normal usage. Put it to idle mode at same hour at 98% and woke up at with 97. Hope this info helps. Cheers!


my battery is draining even though it is plugged into the charger and says it is charging. This surely must be a faulty battery I only got it yesterday