Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo!

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo

    Is your Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo? It’s one of the most common issues with this smart phone and a lot of users have been facing it. The problem is not new; users of Galaxy S4, S3 also have faced it. But do not worry, solutions are there. In this post, I will discuss the fixes for Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo. In Technobezz you will find the fixes for Galaxy S3 stuck on android logo or Galaxy S4 stuck on the android logo.

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    Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo

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    Steps To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo
    The steps to fix this problem are quite easy. All you need to do is follow them. Following are the steps:

    > Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S5.

    > Press three buttons such as Home key, Volume up key and Power key at the same time and hold them.

    > Leave the Power key when you see the phone starts vibrating but keep holding the other two keys.

    > Release the other two keys (Volume Up key and Home key) when you see Android System Recovery screen appears.

    > Highlight the ‘wipe cache partition’ using the Volume Down key.

    > Select this option using the Power key.

    > After the wipe cache partition is completed, ‘Reboot system now’ will be highlighted.

    > Press the Power key in order to restart your phone.

    Now the Samsung Galaxy S5 Stuck On Android Logo problem should be solved.

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