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    I was talking to a friend on the phone and my S5 keeps dropping calls, poor signals and the person cannot hear me good, Is it a mic problem? because the person cannot hear me speaking
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    Paul, The Samsung galaxy S5

    Paul, The Samsung galaxy S5 radio frequency can be interpret by any outsource radio or electromagnetic wave, I suggest you stay away from microwave, television, any source that distribute radio signals.

    Also, when you hear a low Beep Frequency tone on your call, that means someone else is recording you on the other hand.This can result in difficultly hearing the person .
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    Had the same problem wid

    Had the same problem wid my s4. I tried the following and no more call drops.
    Settings-connections-more network-mobile network-network mode. Default is wcdma/gsm. Change to gsm only.(or the provider u have. Im on vodafone India)

    Worked like a miracle for me.
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    Call drops out while talking

    Call drops out while talking .i cant here the person im calling keeps dropping in and out

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