Samsung Galaxy S4 Slow Charging Battery Drain Problem!

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    In this article, I'll show you to how to fix Samsung Galaxy S4 battery drain and slow charging problems. As you may know, KitKat 4.4 comes with some minor issues that may cause slow charging and battery drainage on most of the android devices. While the Samsung Galaxy s4 has few disadvantages, the 2600mAh battery is a sure Plus for the Phone.Our test reveals that you can get 50% battery life for a day after a medium to low usage of the phone. This includes streaming videos and surfing the internet.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a really impressive sleep mode feature that supplies less to no load on the CPU when the phone is inactive . However, knowing all these things, the battery draining issue is not within the hardware or manufacturer part .

    The Cause of Samsung Galaxy S4 Slow Charging Battery Drain Problem

    KitKat 4.4.2 causes battery drain issue on Samsung Galaxy S4
    While the KitKat 4.4.2 comes with a smooth and easy navigation user interface, and some other cool features such as a smarter caller ID, faster multitasking, print wherever feature, infrared blasting, low-power audio playback and the list goes on...

    However, there seemed to be a bug in the Update especially on the Galaxy S4. Most people complained that when they update their S4, the issues occurs , such as:

    sho50 said :

    This is a very flawed update, buggy "update" that will destroy your SD card file management (it blocks all write to functions)

    How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Drain
    Follow these methods to solve Samsung Galaxy S4 slow charging and battery drainage issues .

    Have you ever seen this message before "To charge faster, use the original charger "? Even though you are using the original charger, you can still see this message. The problem originated since the Android Kikkat 4.4.2 Update.

    The first thing you need to do is to update the software on your Samsung Galaxy S4. To do that:

    • Connect to a Wi-Fi network

    • Navigate to Settings

    • Tap About device

    • Tap Software update
    Method 1
    One of the best options to fix the slow charging issue is to oroot your Samsung Galaxy S4 the safe and easy way with one click

    If you don't want to root your smartphone then

    Download and install Battery Boaster Lite for Samsung Galaxy S4


    Download and Install Greenify

    Usually, a custom kernel and using SetCPU will give you a lot better battery life.

    Next, when you have rooted your S4:

    Download and install SetCPU

    The Benefits of SetCPU are:

    • Improves the performance and saves the battery

    • Overclocks or underclocks your CPU to save battery life. It can also use to maximize your Galaxy S4 performance

    • Control undervolting to save even more battery.

    Download and install CPU Tuner

    CPU Tuner is my favorite Samsung galaxy s4 power consumption controller app. It gives me full access and modifications of my CPU. As soon as I installed this app my slow charging and battery drain problems were gone.

    The primary goal of this app is to save as much battery life as possible. It can also use to over clock or under clock your CPU. Underclocking will give you more battery life and limit your Samsung Galaxy S4 from draining fast, but will limit the performance.


    Download and Install Greenify

    Greenify works best with SetCPU. Greenify puts your apps into hibernation when not in use and this stops them from lagging your device and leeching the battery. Hence, you will get better battery life on your Galaxy S4

    Download and install Battery Boaster Lite for Samsung Galaxy S4

    Battery Booster is a popular battery saving app (Does not require root) it gives you full control and tuning of your battery, it tells you what is draining your battery and how to fix it. This is the most accurate and interactive design Battery Saving app For Samsung Galaxy S4


    Method 2

    (Backup your Phone)

    Flashing kernels on your Samsung galaxy S4 can solve rapid battery drainage and slow charging problem.

    Kernels are the backbone of your smartphone. It is more like the operating system.

    Why Flash my Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernels?

    • Better performance and battery life

    • Full control of Voltage Regulation

    • Tuning Your CPU Clock Speed
    Installing a custom Kernel will replace your default bios with the one you choose.

    Once you have found a kernel that is compatible with your device , then proceed.

    Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernel for AT&T

    Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernel for Spring

    Virgin Mobile Canada

    Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernel for GT-19500

    Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernel for GT-19505

    Download Samsung Galaxy S4 Kernel for SGH1337M

    Galaxy S4 Kernel Source (T-Mobile)

    If you don't see your kernel go here.

    • Connect your Phone to the computer and save the Kernel on your SD Card

    • Turn off your device and boot into Recovery Mode (Hold Vol up + power button)

    • On the Recovery Screen, select install zip from SD Card

    • Choose zip from SD card

    • Finally, install your Kernel file

    • Go back and click reboot system
    Source - android-system-battery-drain more information
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