Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Not Detected Issue!

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    A large number of Samsung Galaxy S4 owners are experiencing a problem related to sim card. The phone shows “Sim card not inserted” to the users and the phone can only make emergency calls. Here are some steps that you can follow if you have been facing this issue.

    Potential Solutions For Samsung Galaxy S4 Sim Card Not Detected Issue

    Faulty Sim card

    Reinsert the Sim card after restarting your phone. Make sure that you have positioned the card properly. If you find that the problem is not solved, then try using another Sim card to test whether the Sim card is faulty or not.

    The Sim card slot is either defective or dirty

    The Sim card not detected problem on Samsung Galaxy S4 occurs mainly because of a hardware issue. There is a chance of one or more faulty sensors in the Sim card slot. The sensors also may become dirty. If the problem is just dirt, then take out the Sim card from the slot and blow an air into the area. It will remove the stuck dust particles from the sensors. But if you realize the sensor is defective, then get it repaired.

    Your phone is locked to a specific carrier

    This issue may also occur when your phone is locked to another carrier and the sim that you are using not supported by your unit. Verify it with your vendor and if the phone is locked to a specific carrier, then get it unlocked by a technician, or you can use an unlocking product available online.

    Check for software problem

    Sometimes the problem may occur because of some third-party apps, though according to some users this is mainly a hardware issue. The reason is that some users found that Sim card is mounted differently on some Galaxy S4 models. However, to check if any third party app is causing the issue, boot your phone into Safe mode. For that:

    • Power off your Galaxy S4 by pressing the Power button.
    • Then turn on the phone by pressing and holding the Power key.
    • When you see the Samsung logo on the screen, press the Volume Down button and keep holding until the lock screen appears.
    • Now you should see Safe Mode written at the lower left corner of the screen.
    If the phone performs well in safe mode, then any third party app is the culprit. So delete third-party apps one by one, or perform a factory reset to fix the glitches in the system files. Steps to factory reset your phone:

    • Turn off your device first.
    • Next, hold down the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons altogether for few seconds till Android logo appears
    • Release the buttons then. Use Volume down button for highlighting any options and Power key to confirm it. So, highlight the factory reset option and confirm it using the power button.
    • Next, select 'delete all user data' and confirm it.
    • Wait for few seconds to see the 'reboot system now' option and select it. The phone will be restarted then and you need to set it up from scratch again.
    If you see that the problem stays in Safe mode, then it’s a hardware issue, so you should contact a service center or a technician or if your device is still under the warranty contact the retailer or your carrier.

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