Samsung Galaxy S3 "Information Network Unavailable" message pops up

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    I just got a Galaxy S3 and put my sims card in it. Everything works but when I go to Samsung Apps, find an app I like then click on it the message "Information Network Unavailable" pops up. When I try to add an account like my gmail it says "Can't establish a reliable connection to the server." I know i have internet access/data. I fell like I have tried everything! Please Help!!
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    This issue is caused by

    This issue is caused by a Core Sytem host file (/etc /host) that is pointed to Google Server has changed the IP address, thus blocking access to apps

    <b>May i ask , Does the Samsung App Store Works with another Sim card?</b>

    If that is the cases:
    >dial *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer

    >You will be prompt with a testing menu

    >click phone/device information

    >Run ping test

    >The drop down list select : GSM Auto (PRL)

    >Click Turn off radio


    <b>If not</b>
    >Navigate to settings

    >Application Manager


    >Samsung Apps/Samsung Push Service

    >Clear Cache and Clear Data

    Read more on How to Fix Information Network Unavailable
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