S6 Edge: Users Report Screen Orientation Issue


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From day one, a small number of users of the S6 Edge reported that the screen rotation wasn't working properly. The devices could fail to change from portrait view to landscape. Others captured images of a minimized landscape view that was meant for the portrait orientation. Samsung has already provided fixes for many users, though the company didn't reveal if it was a hardware or software problem. At least there's a solution!


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It would be good if the company would reveal what the problem was and if it is related to a hardware or software and also the company has done a good job at getting the issues resovled. I reckon, that it is interesting that the company has taken a good step in the right direction and also it has managed to fix the issues which are affecting some phones. I liked how the company has, done a good job in working for the customer and also it is good to see a company that cares about the customer and continues in doing so.