S2 keeps restarting but won't turn on

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    My S2 keeps rebooting itself but it won't even get to the normal screen so that I can do any of the fixes I've searched on Google. I've gone into recovery mode and cleared cache. I'm afraid that if I clear user data it will delete all my photos etc?

    What else could I try to even get the phone to stay on just so I can transfer my files over?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Do you have an External

    Do you have an External SD card ?, If you have kindly c insert it into another phone or a SD Card reader and back it up by the PC. Assuming your pictures are not stored on your Internal memory.

    Also you can boot into safe mode then backup your Device by downloading and using Kies

    to enter safe mode :

    Hold the power button
    While holding the power button keep tapping on the menu button(left of the home key)

    Safe mode will temporary disabled your apps.

    When booted into save mode you can backup by kies

    If you want a full article how to fix this and why this is happens read : How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Automatically Restarting
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    You could try a factory reset from the recovery menu, aside all the different ROMs that gave me problems on my S2, I dropped it one time, the battery popped out and after that it kept rebooting when I tried to turn it on, also it was heeting up pretty badly. After that I did a factory reset and the phone turned on normally:confused: So go and try a factory reset, it doesn't delete your pics or music, just the apps, messages, settings and the contacts that are in the phone, contacts that are in the SIM card or linked with the google account don't get deleted. Good luck!
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    Try factory reset or as Chevypowell suggested. I would also add that the S2 is a bit old in terms of specifications to survive with the environments of applications at the moment. I would suggest an upgrade.

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