s the Google Nexus 7 Tablet a worthwhile buy?


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I want to buy the Nexus 7 but I'm unsure of what it comes with. I know there is a camera, but does that come with it or is it an app that you have to pay for? And can I borrow books for free on it from the library? Do you have to pay for most of the things on it like the panoramic camera? I just want to know whats wrong with it before I buy it. I want to use it for a handheld computer that I can play games with and also look things up on the the go


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Yeah it is. It has pretty good memory. Also, it is very affordable compared to the other tablets in the market nowadays that doesn't have the same specs. Anyway, if you really want to buy this tablet, then be prepared about the touch issues. It's a known defect. You can return your unit to the retailer as many times as you want, but nothing will change. It's a hardware issue, and Google is doing its best to solve it. Tough luck though. I learned to live with this problem.


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Most of these questions don't even apply to the Nexus 7. All around, it's a great tablet that's still a decent option among today's best tablets. It's starting to show some age with its hardware, but it still comes with the latest Android software and enough extra features to make it worthwhile. The Nexus 7 is more than affordable as long as you opt for the 2013 version, which is noticeably better than the 2012 model.


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Man, it's worth it! I bought one when it came out two years ago and it's still functioning well right now. I never really had tough issues with it. As mentioned above, just the touch issue. The camera is good. It can also be your e-book reader. It has great resolution. Plus, it's pretty affordable.