Rooting android


Hi guys,

I have a Samsung galaxy S4 and I was thinking a lot about rooting it.
I was reading about rooting and I`m a fraid because I don`t know if it cause problems. I want to hear more about how to root and if it`s a good idea .
So, what Are The Advantages Of Rooting Android and do you think it`s fine for my S4 ?


First of all, why do you want to root your device?if you want to fully customize your phone by installing custom ROMs and also to get rid of carrier bloatware which is usually full of unneeded apps and works slower, you can root it, yes, rooting is an advantage for you .


Look, rooting android doesn`t cause problems, unless you are an advanced user who knows what he's doing and why he's doing it, because it can cause problems if you do it wrong.


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By rooting your phone you void the warranty so let rooting be a well-thought decision and some apps may stop working properly.
After I rooted my phone, my alarm clock sometimes simply didn't ring and I always had to use another phone to make sure the alarm clock will really ring. I`m not a "rooting fan "


I`m reading more and more about and I`ve seen different ways to root. I`m wondering which one is the safest ?I want to get my head around the whole process before i do it


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I also have an S4 and I was rooting the phone a few days ago. I have no problem with apps or anything else yet, it really helps :D