Rear camera not working



Last day I fired up the camera app on my iPhone and the rear camera not working anymore. And I don`t know how because the front camera works fine. I tried rebooting the 4s and it`s still not working . Has anyone else same problem ? Can you please tell me what can I do ? Thanks a lot


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If a reboot doesn't fix the problem, then it could be a hardware issue. Have you dropped the phone recently? The camera on the rear might be damaged, though a variety of issues could be at fault here. If it's a hardware problem, then your only option is to replace the camera, which can be annoying and expensive.


I concur that it could be a hardware issue. Do you have Apple Care? If you didn't drop it then it's best to have it check in a Mac center near you.


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You probably need to get it service if it just doesn't work even after service. Let's be fair and say that most electronics won't last long. In fact you could say they last long enough for a new version to come out to buy.


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Sounds like a hardware issue caused by many different scenarios. If you have the Apple care program, go to your nearest retailer to get it fixed. If not, find a local person that knows what they are doing. The cost to fix it can very depending upon what the actual cause is.


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I've never had a problem with my rear camera. My front facing camera on the other hand as a malfunction on many occasions. Fixing the camera could cause some money simply because it's one of the most sensitive pieces of the entire Phone.