Rachio’s Iro Smart Sprinkle Controller Will Control Your Lawn Water

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    To save billions of gallons of wastage water and to save people’s time in one fell swoop, Rachio has announced Iro Smart Sprinkle Controller that will manage your lawn sprinkler system automatically from your mobile over the Internet. This Wi-Fi enabled Rachio’s Iro Smart Sprinkle Controller adds brain to your lawn sprinkler controller, and it adjusts the use of water by seeing the seasons and weather to keep the grass healthy and green. This controller allows using as little water as possible depending on the weather.

    Rachio’s Iro Smart Sprinkle controller
    The installation of the Rachio’s Iro Smart Sprinkle Controller is simple and easy; you only require few wires and need to replace the old controller. After successful installation Rachio’s Iro Smart Sprinkle Controller will pull down localized data and then customize your sprinkler system and water usage through an Android app that is available in Google Play Store.

    You will get this Wi-Fi enabled sprinkle controller at nearly 1000 Home Depot locations in the U.S. and available for $249. The price is not so high if you consider its potential simplicity and functionality.

    Rachio’s Sprinkle Controller will help the environment by reducing the water wasting issues. The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that 50% of 7.8 billon water that is used every day for landscape is wasted.
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