Purchasing the unlocked iphone6


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The carrier that I an currently with does not offer plans with iphones, which means that I have to unfortunately rake out up to $1,000 for an unlocked iphone 6 at the apple store. Previously I've had androids and blackberries, every year something would go wrong with them and I'd have to get a new phone. Imagine that to be around $400 worth of new phones in 3 years. Now, if I get an iphone, it would last a much longer time, so it would be worth the price, right? What do you think?

Note: my phone plan is pretty cheap, so I won't be on a tab or paying for an "iphone plan"


I think it's worth it. Go for longevity when it comes to making an investment. At least that always works for me.


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Meh. An unlocked iPhone is never a bad idea, but that's true of all smartphones. You shouldn't go into this thinking that an iPhone will last you any longer than other smartphones, though. It's a sealed device with a battery that's hard to replace unless you crack the case open yourself, and then there are tons of repairs you won't be able to perform yourself because of soldering and whatnot. Any phone, taken proper care with, can last for two or three years before the hardware is dated or the battery starts to die out.