Possible Fixes for PS4 Controller Not Charging

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    Possible fixes for the PS4 controller not charging issue

    Here are a few steps to fix the ps4 not charging issue.

    Solution 1: If you have been using the controller for long period of time, then consider replacing the batteries as rechargeable batteries lose their charges with time and die.

    Solution 2: Try to reset the PS4 controller. On the back of the controller, there is a small indent located next to the right screw. Take a toothpick and press that indent down for a few seconds. Then plug in the charger and see if it helps.

    Solution 3: There is a chance that the charging port is faulty if it is not charging when connected to the gaming system. Sometimes the charging port gets damaged because of constantly plugging the charger in and out because of stresses.

    Solution 4: To make sure that the charging cable is not broken, connect the cable to a different controller and see if it is charging or not.

    Solution 5: Make sure that your PS4 controller is not sitting on any hot surface because it could be the reason behind the not charging issue. The sensor is separate component attached by wire, called the Bluetooth receiver, directly under the cover.

    If you know other solutions, please leave it below.
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  3. Earlan div

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    Simply resetting it fixed the issue for me!

  4. ahemah

    ahemah Visitor

    Do you know how I can replace the batteries?
  5. Mark

    Mark Visitor

  6. Mark

    Mark Visitor

    Try putting in freezer for half hour.
    This worked for mine to take a charge. Maybe a faulty temp sensor.
  7. Attic

    Attic Visitor

    Battery replaced still overheating any ideas ?
  8. Devin m

    Devin m Visitor

    I have this problem and I just got my ps4 Christmas, it started about 2 months after I got my ps4 and I didn't play it constantly or anything. So there's no way it could have been used too much and gotten worn out. Anyways the solution I have is to plug my ps4 remote in and turn it upside down and let it sit. That's the only way I can get it to charge, I found that solution on the internet somewhere.
  9. Boble

    Boble Visitor

    "solution" 3 and 5 aren't solutions...just reasons
  10. J-Rolla

    J-Rolla Visitor

    Wow! I have to put my controller upside down to charge it as well. I thought I was the only one because its so damn weird. And the controller is practically new with a good charging port and cable everything but it has to be upside down which sucks because I cannot play any games and charge it.
  11. Hector

    Hector Visitor

    I just fixed mine by separating two filaments that were in contact in the strip inside that controller that sends current from the USB port into the controller.
  12. Alan

    Alan Visitor

    If possible could you explain which wires were touching? or how you did it.
  13. Hii

    Hii Visitor

    Does anyone else ps4 controller only allows you to charge it only when the system is in rest mode??
  14. BCLV

    BCLV Visitor

    Try resetting the controller AND changing the USB cable...I think that in my case, the cable was either too long or bad. With the bad cable, the orange light came on but it stopped flashing. I reset the controller and used a shorter cable. The orange light was actually brighter and stayed on as if it was actually charging. Wish the clowns at Game Stop made these recommendations!
  15. mecb

    mecb Visitor

    I have a slightly different problem. I went to use my PS4 yesterday and seems my DS4 controller is causing a big problem.
    As normal I simply unplugged my controller ( after being on charge for around 2hrs), and the message popped up "DS4 disconnected, charge the battery" . So, natural reaction was to plug it back in, the console cuts out instantly like the power has just gone. I then switch it back on and repeat the process, as soon as I plug the USB into the controller it cuts out again.
    I went and acquired a new DS4 controller and it is still doing the same thing when I plug it in to charge.
    Does anyone have the same problem or know why this is happening ??
    Just want to ring out if it is a quick and easy fix , as I don't want to send it to sony, as I've heard I can take a few months to get the console back.
    Any info is much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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