Possible bad Screen or Digitizer ?


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Hy Guys, i have notice a problem with my LG G3, i have for like 2 weeks, i always wear my phone on the back pocket of my jeans and i have super fit jeans, maybe this cause this problem or maybe i have a bad Digitizer...

I have notice that when i press it hard with my fingers it does some kind of ,, water splashing effect '', i think this is the best way to describe it ... anyone has this problem ? is this normal on all G3's ?


Don't worry, this is normal on almost all phones, to be more chill, i have a Nexus 5 and it does the same when i press it hard, i think that it does that because beeing a LCD, it has liquid crystals inside of it... soo your phone is just ok, is normal to do that , but avoid to put much more pressure onto it, don't wear it again in your super slim jeans as you say.... :p


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Yeah, it should be okay. This happens if you press hard on it.
If you have touch problems with it though, you should send it back for warranty.


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I don't think I have come across this particular problem in my LG G3 Smartphone. I think it has quite a good and strong screen, with really good specifications. I think it was built in a way that is slightly better than other smartphones, perhaps that's my personal experience and own opinion but I hope you get your issue sorted. You could perhaps take it back to your shop and have it checked for any defects when it was manufactured, such things happen but they're quite rare.