Poor Battery Life On iPhone 5s!

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    Most iPhone 5s users are facing the same problem – poor battery life. There are several simple ways in which you can boost the battery life, and make it last much longer. Check out 5 ways to fix poor battery life on iPhone 5s listed further down. By following these tips, you will improve iPhone 5s battery life.

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    5 ways to fix poor battery life on iPhone 5s

    Solution No.1: Turn the Airplane mode on in the area where the signal is weak

    The battery will drain rapidly if the signal strength is weak. If you are in the area with poor signal, the best thing you can do is tap on Settings, and turn the Airplane mode on.

    Solution No.2: Wi-Fi

    When it comes to issues with iPhone 5 poor battery life, and possible improvements, Wi-Fi is a much better option than cellular, so whenever possible, use the Wi-Fi instead of cellular. Another way to save the battery is by turning the Wi-Fi off when you don’t need it. It will make a huge difference.

    Solution No.3: Turn off Bluetooth

    Bluetooth gas the major impact on the battery life. Turn it on only when you need it.

    Solution No.4: Auto-lock

    If your iPhone 5s is constantly awake, it will affect the battery life. Make sure that your device is not awake all the time. To make that happen:

    • Go to Settings
    • General
    • Choose Auto-Lock.
    • You will see several options, and the one you should select is 1 minute.
    When the phone is inactive, it will go into the sleep mode, and it will reduce iPhone 5s battery drain problems at least a bit.

    Solution No.5: App notifications

    Every time you get a notification, your device will play the sound, and the screen lights will go up. You can turn off the notifications for some apps. Go to Settings > Notification Center. When you scroll down, you will see all the apps installed on your phone. To turn off the notification, tap on the app, and choose None.

    These 5 ways to fix poor battery life on iPhone 5s will definitely make a difference, and the battery will last longer.

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