phone turns off when I recieve a call


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Can anyone help me ? I have big problems with my phone .lt shows that the battery is almost full but if someone tries to call me, call only once (like beep) then after a few seconds it turns off ! What can it be, damaged battery or the phone? to know if I should buy a new battery or a new phone :)


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Try taking out the battery and clean out the contacts of the phone and battery. Let the phone sit without the battery for a few minutes. Insert the battery and do a full reboot. If that doesn't work save all of your valuable info and you might have to do a total reset on it.

Also ask yourself if you had installed something recently that might have done this. Did you just download or upgraded and app or software? That might be it also.


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1 unmount your SD card
2 navigate to settings -wireless-network then hold the power button for 07 secs,subsequently hold the home button while holding the power button.
3 calibrate your battery
4 boot into safe mode then delete the culprit app that is causing problems. It can be known as a virus.