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  1. Se7en

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    Jun 13, 2015
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    Being connected to WiFi I was able to surf the internet, but unable to login into Google Play, add Google account etc.

    After 6 hours of looking for solution I failed to find one, yet I've managed to fix the problem.

    Things I tried (and didn't work, but might work for you):
    • turning airplane mode on and off
    • clearing google services cache
    • using different WiFi network
    • rebooting the router
    • factory resetting the device
    • changing DNS setting of router
    • some other things I don't remember.
    How did I solve my problem?

    At this point I knew that the problem wasn't in router or Google's services - something else was blocking the connection. I remember I had ad blocking app installed on my rooted Nexus 7 device. I rooted it again, installed file manager and opened the "host" file located in "etc". There I found one extra line, that shouldn't be there - line that redirected "google.something" to After removing that line, I rebooted the device and the problem was gone!

    What caused the problem?

    Freedom app.

    What does orange WiFi icon means?

    It means that the tablet is not connected to Google's servers. Because of that certain google apps are not working properly.

    I hope this will help many people, as I found many threads with same problem, but no solution.
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