OnePlus One - Is it worth it ?


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I never use chineese branded phone, but this OnePlus One seems to be a pretty good gear and 3Gb of RAM look's ,, tasty '' , the 4k recording capabilty is more than you could get on a daily basis and the price is very competitive... yet i am still wondering if it's worth it ? :D


well, considering that the phone was ,, limited edition '' and you can get one only with invite, i would say that is has to mean something right ? :p

The phone look's very very business class and the 64GB Sandstone Edition is amazing, the logo Never Settle is pretty nice on the homescreen, i don't own one yet, but i think that when they will get a lil bit cheaper and much more dealers will have them in stock, i will purchase one... the video quality is awesome...


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Dosen't matter if it is chineese or not, what is really important is what the phone has 2 offer

3Gb of RAM
Full HD Screen
5.5Inch ( pretty decent nowdays )
Great 13 Mpx Camera with 4K Recording capabilty
16Gb & 64Gb

Should i say more ? :)) And the price is 300 Euro for the 16 Gb and arround 350 for the Sandstone Edition...


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Nope, the price is definately a ,, GO '' considering the most manfactures ( Ex LG, Samsung, Nokia ) is charging the clients with more than 450 Euro for a phone with similiar specs or even lower ...


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I don't personally own a OnePlus One but I really want one. On paper this phone sounds really good and the specs and camera you get for the phone are definitely worth the price. The phone's overall looks great and it will really catch people's attention. Overall this phone has the specs of an iPhone 6 and it's almost half the price.


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Yes, it is worth. But I've heard many complains from my friends - one dropped his phone on floor and phone didn't work afterward. It didn't turn on or charge, nothing. He contacted support and they said that warranty doesn't cover that and should pay around 120€ for fixing it. After contacting them again, the price went up to 190€ (lol?).
Many had problems with glue on side, but it could be fixed if you left your phone on sun.


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I got mine 2 months ago and I don't regret it the slightest. It's still very much worth it today, although I would wait to see what OnePlus has in store for the 1+2