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    i have a galaxy note gt-n7100. version 4.3.

    i cannot make calls. not registered on network message appears.
    i tried all the solutions on internet but still doesnt work.
    i flashed my phone with a modem via odin reset the phone, reboot everything but still cannot make calls.

    thank you for helping
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    There are quite a few

    There are quite a few methods to fix not registered on network .


    Before we begin, you need to know if your Phone IMEI number is nulled. There are multiple issues where users are reporting this issue, not knowing that they have a nulled IMEI number.

    To check if your's is nulled


    If it shows 0's or nulled then this is an indication.

    To fix this issue ,please read -Fix Not registered Via Restore IMEI

    Another method you can try is to repair your baseband .The EFS folder can sometime become damage over time or someone can vindictively report your IMEI/Phone has stolen. The EFS folder contain critical information about your phone, this includes :IMEI etc. This may be the reason why you are experiencing "<strong>Not registered on network</strong>"
    When you update your galaxy note gt-n7100 and flash it Via Odin, your EFS folder wiped out. This can cause misinterpretations and sometime result in network lost.

    To Fix this issue read this article : Restore EFS folder and fix Note GT -N7100 Not registered on network

    In general, Technobezz has written an article specifically for the Note 2. This article is very helpful and there is a 94% success rate adhere to this article.

    Read more about it here Fix galaxy note gt-n7100. version 4.3 not registered on network

    In that article there are few things to download, like a modem.tar file and odin.

    Most people had found a solution by updating there phone.
    >Software Update
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