Nokia Lumia 735 - Battery Life



There are 2 steps you

There are 2 steps you need to perform:

1. See what applications run in the background, and the unnecessary ones (such as games) stop them from running in the background. To do this go to " battery saver " menu.
2. It depends a lot on what apps you use or games. If you play for example Asphalt , Minion rush and other games with good graphics and tilt using different maneuvers phone battery goes very quickly , unlike games that do not require it. Example: Angry birds , etc. DemonDefence
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I recently got a Nokia Lumia 735 and I am very pleased with it , just seems like it goes pretty fast on battery.
I can't say that I bustle very much, but sometimes when I sit on the net game goes very quickly.
When I bought it, it had the battery charged in half and I didn't charged it fully before I started to use it.

Then I read somewhere that it had to charge the battery fully and then use it.
Do you think that's just cause or is it just me ? ( I mention that before I had a Alview 4 All that was holding me so much battery , but it was much weaker than the 735 )
And I have a question : How much battery it should consume when the phone is in stand by ?

Thank you.
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