No sound on Iphone 5


My iphone was fine up until today. The sound has stopped completely.
No ring and alert me for texts, can`t play music, or anything. And it`s not on mute/
I have restarted my phone several times, and have even reset the settings on my phone.
It can be repaired ?


You said you checked it wasn't on silent. Does this mean you checked the silent/mute switch on the side by the volume buttons?


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Plug up some headphones and try playing a song. If it doesn't work completely shut off your phone for 1 hour. Then try the headphones method again.


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Have you checked the button on the left side of the phone! My phone recently turned this off during the SIM card insertion, and I freaked out completely. I asked him, and he just pushed the button on the side and everything was back to normal. I hope this is your case.