No service error on Samsung s3 mobile


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Ayub It seems like a

Ayub It seems like a culprit app which is causing the problem. These Apps tend to drain your battery faster than ever and also create a barrier with your SD Card. Although apps carries little weight on <b>"No Service Errors" </b>.However, it contribute some interference with the reception of incoming calls and signals.

Firstly let me address the Battery draining problem first.

1 Your Samsung S3 GT-19300

>Open Up Dialer

>Dial *#9900#

>Scroll down and Click “Low Battery Dump”

>Tap to Turn On

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Before you can safely use your SD Card, you have to connect your Phone to a computer and backup all files, then from My Computer, right click the removable Drive and Format it. This will make it be recognizable by your Phone.

<b>To Address the No Service Error</b>
Enter this code


You do not need to press send button, it will automatically appear the Service mode

>Enter Service mode

>Click on the top option, -Device information or Phone information

>Click on Run Ping test>

>Turn Off Radio

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Hi everybody,Can anyone help me I have problem with my phone service I use Samsung S3 GT-19300 and since last week while using the phone suddenly the no service sign appears and it freezes I have to restart it but then the battery is all used up if I had suppose 82% after restart I am left with only 17% what could be the possible problem and the best solution for it? Please help I have alot of data which I don't want to lose if I try moving it in SD card I can't because it doesn't show any card while it is actually inside.Its fussing me now I am unable to use my phone.
Please help....
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